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Root Canal Therapy

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If you have a severe tooth infection, you may need a root canal. At Brite Dental Spa in Midtown West, Manhattan, their board-certified root canal specialist evaluates the condition of your tooth and offers treatment to save it from extraction. To request a consultation, call the New York City office, or book an appointment online today.

Root Canal Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure to remove the infected pulp from your tooth. Your pulp has blood vessels and nerves that aren't necessary for your tooth to survive. 

When a tooth is infected, your dentist can perform a root canal to clean out the infection and then protect your tooth by sealing the area. If you ignore the need for a root canal, you could put yourself at risk for developing more serious oral health issues.

Do I need a root canal?

If you’re suffering from any of the following, you might need a root canal:

  • Inflamed gums
  • Severe toothache
  • Pain when biting down
  • Sensitivity when ingesting hot or cold food or drinks
  • Tender gums
  • Darkened tooth
  • A pimple on your gums

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, call Brite Dental Spa for a same-day emergency appointment. You could have an acute infection such as pus or an abscess at the root of your tooth or a chronic infection that includes bone loss. If so, the experts at Brite Dental Spa can perform root canal therapy to save your tooth and improve your oral health.

What’s it like to get a root canal?

The team at Brite Dental Spa helps you feel at ease throughout your root canal procedure. Their approach is modern, integrative, and gentle.

Your treatment begins with numbing the area to make sure you don’t feel any pain. Once you can’t feel anything in the affected area, your dentist drills a small hole in your tooth to remove the infected pulp. Your tooth is then cleaned and sealed with a special material for protection. 

Depending on your treatment, you need a filling or a crown. If your procedure requires a crown, your specialist uses an iTero scanner or 3D imaging to create a mold of your tooth to make the crown. They place a temporary crown over your tooth until your permanent crown is ready. Then your dentist adheres your permanent crown to your tooth.

Once you complete your root canal procedure, you might experience some sensitivity and inflammation, which is normal. Your dentist may recommend or prescribe anti-inflammatory medicine to keep you comfortable.

If you are experiencing tooth pain and think you might need a root canal, schedule a checkup at Brite Dental Spa to get the excellent care you deserve. Call the office or use the online booking tool today.