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You can resolve issues such as teeth grinding, tension headaches, and jaw pain with customized mouth guards. At Brite Dental Spa in Midtown West, Manhattan, you can undergo a free bite analysis and have a customized mouth guard created to protect your teeth's integrity. Call the New York City office or schedule an appointment online to get your teeth protected today.

Mouth Guards Q & A

What is a mouth guard?

Custom-made mouth guards protect your teeth from clenching and grinding at night, which can stress your jaw joint and cause problems such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, tension headaches, and worn teeth surfaces. Children and adults benefit from custom mouth guards to wear during contact sports, too. Custom versions are superior because they’re more comfortable and effective in protecting your teeth from damage.

Brite Dental Spa uses the intraoral iTero scanner to take a digital impression of your teeth. Your provider sends this impression to a lab to fabricate your mouth guard. Expect quick delivery of your final mouth guard and, when worn regularly, predictable and comfortable results.

What is TMJ?

TMJ disorders are often caused by clenching or grinding of your teeth, which stresses your jaw and causes pain in your head, neck, and shoulders. The pain from TMJ can be severe enough to mimic a migraine.

Symptoms of TMJ include:

  • Clicking and popping noises when you open and close your mouth
  • Headaches
  • Limited range of jaw motion

In addition to teeth clenching and grinding, TMJ disorders may be caused by misalignments in your bite, arthritis, former trauma, stress, or missing teeth.

How do mouth guards protect my teeth?

Custom mouth guards or night guards that you wear as you sleep prevent you from habitually grinding your teeth, a common cause of TMJ disorders. 

Grinding your teeth wears down the surface and stresses the supporting structures in your jaw joint. The night guard makes you more aware of your grinding habits and prevents you from being able to do it by creating a barrier between the top and bottom set of teeth.

Some mouth guards are designed to hold a space between your upper and lower teeth, so they never touch, and grinding or clenching is not possible. This relaxes your jaw at night to relieve tension, tooth damage, and resulting headaches or TMJ. 

A custom mouth guard can also help by adjusting your bite slightly. A misaligned bite is another potential cause of TMJ disorders.

How do I care for a mouth guard?

Care for your mouth guard is simple, but important for it to last a long time and not harbor bacteria.

Rinse it regularly with water or a special mouth rinse before and after each use. When not in use, store it in a perforated container, which allows air circulation to discourage mold growth. Brite Dental Spa provides you with this appropriate storage. 

Also, keep your mouth guard away from temperature extremes, such as a heat vent or sunny windowsill, which may distort its shape. 

When you come in for regular check-ups, bring your mouth guard to check and make sure it’s still working properly.

If you need a mouth guard, contact the expert team at Brite Dental Spa. Call the office or book an appointment online today.