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Surprising Benefits of Straighter, Whiter Teeth

Surprising Benefits of Straighter, Whiter Teeth

Nearly half of all Americans over 30 have gum disease, and a whopping 70% of Americans over age 65 do. Misaligned teeth could be the culprit. When your teeth fit together correctly when you close your mouth, you’re preventing problems like gum disease. And a cleaner, brighter smile helps, too, along with giving you an extra boost of confidence.

At Brite Dental Spa in New York City, Eric Halejian, DDS understands the importance of excellent oral health — he’s an expert in dental cleanings and professional teeth whitening, and he also specializes in Invisalign. The benefits of straighter, whiter teeth may surprise you.

Straight teeth and your oral health

Science has proved a link between severe diseases and poor oral health. Your mouth is filled with bacteria all the time. Flossing and brushing daily can ensure you keep most harmful bacteria growth at bay.

However, if you have teeth that aren’t aligned properly, you could miss bacteria pockets every time you brush or floss. Misaligned teeth make it much more difficult to maintain good oral hygiene. Correcting alignment and keeping teeth clean and bright has several benefits.

Prevent gum disease

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a serious issue affecting millions of people every year. Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue, which holds your teeth in place. When bacteria isn’t removed properly, a film of plaque continues to grow until it has built up over your teeth and hardens. 

In advanced cases of gum disease, your gums bleed, and it can even lead to tooth loss. This is why it’s important to remove all of the bacteria that build up between teeth, especially when they’re misaligned.

Improve diabetes

If you have diabetes, you’re already at greater risk for infections. Consequently, gum disease is more common in people with diabetes.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases explains that high glucose levels in a diabetic’s saliva encourage harmful bacterial growth. That’s why gum disease affects people with diabetes more often. Luckily, research shows that regular dental visits improve diabetes control by helping your body maintain an appropriate blood glucose level.

Increase self-esteem

Having straight, white teeth is something to smile about. And smiling has been proven to increase self-esteem and make you happier. Even if you’re faking your smile, it tricks your brain into feeling happy. Those feel-good endorphins relax your body and even decrease depression. 

Feeling more confident about your teeth or smile also improves your ability to socialize, improving your social standing. Plus, smiles really are contagious. Humans subconsciously mirror the facial expressions of other humans. Smiling in response to another smile is an added way to trick your brain into making you feel happy and increasing your self-esteem.

Ready to reap the benefits?

Dr. Halejian and his team want to give you a happy, fresh smile that looks great in photos and makes you feel better about yourself. Straight teeth and regular checkups and cleanings also help prevent other serious diseases.

Call Brite Dental Spa today to improve your smile. You can make an appointment by calling 646-628-1211 or using our handy online scheduling tool. We look forward to giving you a brilliant smile.

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