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Improve Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Improve Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Does your smile leave you less than thrilled? Perhaps you have staining that can’t be removed by whitening. Or perhaps you have chipped or uneven teeth. If so, these and other minor imperfections can be covered with veneers to give you a stunning smile.

At Brite Dental Spa, located in the Midtown West area of Manhattan in New York City, our providers often recommend porcelain veneers to patients who have gaps or minor damage to teeth. If you’re looking for a dramatic change in how your teeth look, veneers might be just what you need.

How porcelain veneers can help you

A veneer is a thin shell made of porcelain that, when applied to a tooth, can cover imperfections and make it stronger. Veneers are tinted to the shade you desire, and they can cover minor dental flaws, such as:

You should know that there are cases where we may not recommend veneers. For example, if you have tooth decay, gum disease, or other dental issues, these problems may need to be addressed first. Or, if you grind your teeth, you may need to have this addressed first, as grinding can chip or crack veneers. 

Furthermore, certain smile concerns may need other treatments. For example, if you have staining that can be addressed by whitening, that may be the better option. Or, if you have a cracked tooth that a veneer can’t address, you may need a crown instead.

The process of getting veneers

Getting porcelain veneers usually takes 2-3 visits to our office. During the first visit, we prepare your teeth by removing a small amount of enamel to make room for the veneers. Veneers are about as thin as a contact lens.

After your teeth are prepared, your provider creates a model so the manufacturer can create veneers that fit your teeth perfectly. They make sure the sizes, shapes, and color are correct.

It can take a week or so for your customized veneers to arrive back from the laboratory. When they do, you return to have the veneers bonded to your teeth with a specialized resin cement. And you come in for a follow-up appointment a few weeks after that. 

Making your veneers last

In general, you should care for your veneers just as you would care for your natural teeth. You should brush and floss twice a day and go to your cleanings and checkups at Brite Dental Spa.

Furthermore, you should monitor what you consume. While porcelain is stain resistant and durable, coffee, tea, and smoking can stain veneers if they’re used in excess or if you don’t take care of your teeth well. Furthermore, foods that are high in acid, such as lemons or sugary foods, may affect the stain-resistant properties of veneers.

However, if you have a good dental hygiene routine and go to your regular dental appointments, your veneers should last 7-15 years before they need to be replaced. 

To see if veneers can help you, call 646-628-1211 or book an appointment online with Brite Dental Spa today.

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